About Zen Cryar DeBrucke

The biggest crisis we are facing today is the lack of faith in ourselves. The world is moving fast and changing so quickly that the decisions that used to be clear are now cloudy. Life is stressful and sometimes even seems dangerous. Many of us are wondering whether our lives will work out in the future. What’s more important now than ever before is using our own wisdom and discernment to find the answers and to trust ourselves

You were born with a built in GPS

Most people don’t realize that they have their own Internal Guidance System (IGS). You were born with it. It actively guides us like a car’s GPS system leading us on a path toward our highest level of success and fulfillment in every area of our life: our relationships, career, health, our children and our spiritual development. It gives you directions for exactly where you should go and it lets you trust yourself, relax and have confidence that you know what your next steps need to be.

The Smart Soul Academy

The Smart Souls Academy was founded by Zen Cryar-DeBrucke to provide people with a comprehensive, step-by-step and easy-to-follow way to learn how to use their Internal Guidance System. The manual, if you will, for your own GPS system. The Academy also teaches you how to interpret the guidance you are being given so that you can pivot out of patterns of stress and into a more aligned, calm and centered way of thinking. These new thoughts eventually lead to the changing of neural pathways and in turn, a new way to live and make a positive impact on this planet. At Smart Soul Academy we believe that this work is for everyone and our goal and mission is to make this as easy, accessible and affordable as possible