I am always looking to grow individually and professionally. When I heard about the Recreating You Game, it intrigued me and I decided to give it a try. I lead a full life and I was  concerned that I might not have time to do the plays every day. I found that the videos are short, and having Sunday to catch up made it fit into my schedule with ease. I worry less and pivot my thoughts easier, even going through a time of change in my life. I love taking small breaks throughout the day to connect to my body and get out of my head. I consider myself a happy person and manifest easily but I am now experiencing life at a new level than before. Life is even better. New opportunities and ideas are flowing at an elevated rate. I have more confidence in handling any stressful situation and knowing I can relax and tap into my inner guidance at a higher level than I have in the past. Playing this game turned out to be so much more than I expected. I now suggest this to everyone who is interested in living a happier life! No matter where you are in life, this game will benefity ou.

Lori Davis, MA, CRS
Certified Relationship Specialist

My daughter heard Zen speak at Women in Network Marketing last April. After Zen’s talk, my daughter ran into Zen in the ladies’ room and told her she wished that her mother (me) had been able to hear her talk. Zen told her to have me go to her website zeninamoment.com and my daughter passed on the message. I went to the website., took the free course and listened to all of the podcasts. I knew I needed more to get the information into my life so when the RCYG was offered, I jumped on it. As a result of playing the game, I learned that so much of what my mind was telling me was garbage and not true. It was (as if a) HUGE lightbulb went off for me, as well as a huge stress release. I love dropping into my listening and going into F.L.O.W. I also learned that my procrastination was fine. I am so much more relaxed in my life. I now recognize that the uneasy feelings that I have felt didn’t mean that the sky was ready to fall it meant the thoughts I was having weren’t true or weren’t going to happen’. I could let it go. I can now trust in my life, and boy, is that HUGE!

Dianne McLeery

My friend had shared some very specific things that were happening just from “The Game” and I needed to find out for myself! Since playing the Game, I am so much more confident in making the right decisions and I’ve almost eliminated stress from my life. I don’t worry about if I made a wrong decision, I know I made the right one because I now know how to use my IGS. I now use stress to figure out what I need to do next rather than throw my hands in the air or just retreat. I even talk my friends and family through some of the process (without them really knowing) to help them, and it works. It’s challenging to really explain The Game - you just have to do it for yourself! Just trust the process! It’s totally worth it!

Donna DeCarlo
North Carolina

So often people refer to programs or coaching as "life changing." In a word, my immersion in Zen's teachings over the past year has been "pivotal" in every aspect of my life. I started with the 12 Day Recreating You Game after a recommendation from a friend. I dove deeper with Stress to Happiness and Wealth Through Flow shortly after that. Being plugged into her strategies on living life in FLOW has transformed my actions moment to moment. I just love that I have a tool to help me discern what the "next right thing" is for me to do. It has helped me find new business partners, improve existing relationships, and it has even helped me to know when it's time to take a step back. As Zen says, when you live your life in FLOW, "magic and synchronicity become the norm."

Kara Cozier
Diamond, Young Living Essential Oils

Continual growth is important to me, and the Recreating You Game was recommended by a leader that I respect. I was encouraged that The Game seamlessly integrated into my daily life and spiritual practices. My daily affirmation practice has been magnified by opening. As a result of playing, my view of stress has simplified, and I’m more open to situations that present challenges. I enjoyed interacting with a community of growth-minded people and seeing the tools naturally manifest in my children as I practice. I look forward to developing The Game skills further in Stress to Happiness!

Jenna Gillis
Integrated Therapies Specialist
South Carolina

The RCYG truly gives you a taste of how simple life can be when we learn how to follow the guidance we all have available. That is really what attracted me (to this work). Life flows in the direction of success. Imagine knowing  who to talk to and when so you always get the best possible outcome. I have a card hanging above my desk that reads: "I'm on to something HUGE, I'm so excited, I love my life, I have total clarity!" The RCYG was part of that! I no longer feel like a failure when I don't talk to anyone and everyone on a daily basis. I know my IGS will lead me to what to do next and I feel that things will happen when the time is right. At the same time, I seem to have more focus when I do things that are in alignment with my IGS.

Monique M.

I learned about the program on Becki Taylor’s site. I was all in after listening to Zen’s short “live” video. This process allows you to tune into your God given gift of intuition on a very deep level.  It allows you to re-program hidden belief on the subconscious level. I am relaxed when my mind tries to “run the show” and I now have tools to check in to see if what I am thinking it true. The communication between my husband and I has improved greatly, I can prioritize my “tasks” and KNOW it is ok to take a break. For the first time in eons I am having fun with life again.  Anyone with a type A personality needs this work.  It will change your life. Checking in with your IGS is invaluable! It is the best stress reliever on the planet!

Christ Rollert

(The RCYG has) taught me so much. I have no idea how many times I’ve had a feeling that either I should or shouldn’t (do something about a particular issue). Now I can actually find out if I’m supposed to proceed (on a particular issue) or not. This has made a huge difference in how I handle many aspects of my life. (The play of the day about) It’s not my problem (any of my business) has to be #1. I am a people pleaser and have discovered that I don’t always have to step in or do things others may want me to do. Going with FLOW has been wonderful. I eliminate so much stress. Going to feeling (Dropping into my listening) really relaxes and helps me focus. (When I am grounded) I feel which direction my IGS wants me to go in and I actually quit stressing and worrying.(Maybe: When I am grounded I can feel which direction my IGS wants me to go in. This has made me quit stressing and worrying). This (work) can really help you trust yourself. Relationships are much easier and clearer.

Myran Moore

I joined the Recreating You Game because I was inspired by Kara’s testimony. I have learned to drop into my listening as opposed to getting overwhelmed as I would have in the past. I now see stress as an invitation for learning and clarity and I have clear strategies to navigate my listening. I am more peaceful and empowered. It was definitely worth WAY more than the investment. If you are considering playing the game, just do it!

Juliet Xifaras, RN

I joined the Recreating You Game in the hopes of decreasing stress, increasing being present, and improving my business. This Game is short, sweet and effective! It is also priced right and well-run.

Since playing the Game, I have decreased my stress, I have noticed less family fighting and I am generally more in tune with both myself and others. I have learned that your vibe attracts your tribe! I pay attention now and this translates to not just business growth, but business growth with the right people. If you are considering playing the Game, just do it!

Kay Cooney, RN

…I thought of your words and repeated it a few times, then told myself that I am open. Within half a minute I was energized, got up and was productive for another few hours. My grogginess just disappeared and I cleaned up my desk/table that I had been putting off. That was wonderful so thank you Zen, I am looking forward to more changes coming my way.


"It’s been a number of months now and sometimes I still find myself feeling closed and not knowing why, but usually I’m able to identify my thoughts much easier now...it comes with practice. - Jordan Banks on identifying closings    "WOW!!! So I have been procrastinating on some projects for a very long time...like we are talking years...and last night I got one of them done and it was awesome.”

Jordan Banks

Thank you so much Zen for putting the focus on the beauty aspect. The game brought all of this back up again into consciousness with this special note, that this is me, within me, all this extraordinary beauty, otherwise I wouldn’t see it and not be here. I can always be completely connected to my life purpose : big, huge opening, beyond any words. This is a tremendous shift of perception of my life. Great thanks to you Zen, also beyond any words, for this great tool which has already helped me so much! This listening practice is really amazing, I picked it up from the book and intensified it now again. What is most impressive to me is that it gives an opening space or step in to meditate at the most busy places, like airports. You can integrate all surrounding noise without any effort, while you can completely quiet your mind. This was a real opener for me!"

Christian Kaesbach

"About 6 months ago I decided I was going to make fleece blankets for all of my nieces and nephews (25+ of them) for Christmas this year. I started buying the material a little at a time as there were sales, but never actually started making the blankets and now Christmas is 7 weeks away!! I have been really stressed out about it. I decided today was the day to start and it felt amazing!! I put on Christmas music and went to work. I finished one. I have to stop to pick up kids from school now, but I will be right back at it later tonight and the next day until I’m done!! I need to get these fleece blankets made!! I see how no matter how much you “need” to do something, sometimes it just isn’t the right time, but eventually your IGS will tell you it’s time and you will enjoy the process of doing “it” more than if you forced yourself to do it when you weren’t ready!!"


"Dropping into my listening is a blast. I especially like to use it when i start to feel all kinds of closed or I want to ask my IGS a question. Dropping into my listening helps so much and it feels amazing "– Karin Cooper on Day 4 Dropping in to Listening  "Being in flow is like feeling good all day. This morning's flow was me organizing my large family's Christmas gift exchange. Just all of a sudden I focused in on it and knocked out the whole thing...something I had been "procrastinating" on. Now it's done and it felt so good."

Karin Cooper

"Walked away from a relationship today because I had way too much anxiety when he was around or when we communicated. I felt drained because of the conversations. I was afraid for too long, too hurt the relationship we had. I feel so much lighter now. It’s amazing how much of a relief it is to be honest, and firm in expectations... the results didn't surprise me. This was so HUGE for me. I followed that gut feeling that something wasn't right, though I REALLY care about him."

Katie Nelson

"My flow of the day: recently I felt like I was pushing to get some stuff done, so yesterday I was practicing not pushing through the closing and letting myself only do what opened me, which wasn’t much “productive”. This morning I woke up with a sudden pull to complete some paperwork tasks I’d been putting off for months! The energy was just there. Time and time again I’m reminded how much easier life can be when I trust my internal guidance."

Danielle Loesch

"I’m really finding this cool. I can notice when I’m closed and identifying it really helps. Today, I  just focused on my hands and feet for a couple of minutes at a time. They feel warm and tingly when I do it and I feel calm. Afterwards I got things checked off of my list that I had been putting off for a little while or forgetting about them."

Jill Werner

“Anybody else feel like this course has opened their eyes in a whole new way? I am no stranger to intuitive guidance, however, Zen Cryar-DeBrucke has opened my eyes to a whole new world here.”

Lucia Favarin

"Used my IGS today in a quick decision & felt open about standing by that decision. It felt really good to listen to my inner being & not be swayed by someone else."


"This is often a busy and stressful time of year. This game and all I have learned so far has helped me make it through with little stress!"

Diana Decker

It’s so important to realize that even the things that seem incredibly urgent or important may not be ‘any of our business’ today!

Julie C.

"I have been watching the videos and going back through them. Life has been throwing curveballs at me, between my hubby's health and now my mom passing away unexpectedly. This class is making a difference in how I react to situations. I am grateful".

Teresa Snider

"Too long I’ve let emotions lead my life as if they are my Truth. Several times this has got me into trouble and I was so perplexed afterwards because it had felt so emotionally RIGHT to take certain action. (The emotion I am referring to on both occasions) had been an overwhelming sense of compassion and love for a troubled friend. Now I begin to see that while the feelings were very real, they were not my IGS. Had I listened in, I suspect I would have received a ‘wait’ on the action until my emotions had stopped clouding my clarity (and perhaps a ‘does not need to happen at all’ opening). This is revolutionary to me!" Thank you so much, Zen and coaches!

Julie C.

"My biggest frustration has been my lack of income! I know, deep inside, that I can be hugely successful and make lots of money and be a huge blessing to so many people...but, somehow I have been sabotaging my own success....I have changed, things are changing...and I know the results will show up...I feel this Game is a Game Changer and allowing me to get out of my head and into my body."

Monique M.

"I'm back home and felt stressed because I have too much to do by Friday. One project with bookkeeping seems particularly overwhelming. Instead of opening Excel, I took the dog for a walk in the rain. I suddenly saw a picture of getting it done in a simpler way....Opening....enough for the time being. And enough is all I need"

Dana B.

I absolutely love FLOW!! It is truly just flowing along with everything getting done when and how it needs to be done, reduces stress, and everything just seems to be right. It does take some practice to get here, and it definitely isn’t every day, but longer periods of time start appearing.

Myran Moore on FLOW

"I am loving the flow practice. I have a very busy mind that is normally looking 6 steps ahead. Now, I am more successful staying in the moment. No more worrying that  am messing up."

Dianne McCleery on FLOW

"I had 'Chrsitmas cards' on my list for the past 3 weeks. And kept procrastinating, they just didn't get done. Opened to doing them last night, got them all done and posted today.So easy."

Carole Amos on procrastination

"I love this... 'be generative, not reactive'. I continue to learn how to stop reacting to my old programs and creatively generate my life instead. This is such a shift and not 100% natural for me yet but I love using the IGS as I re-wire those old neurological connections."

Michele Danuszar on Day 3 what would I like instead?

"I am facing major challenges at the moment and soooo grateful that I took this course this last summer. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I can actually find gratitude and even joy in a situation out of my control."

Christi Rollert on success in the RCYG

"HUGE stress reduction doing this! Otherwise, I should myself to death."

Dianne McCleery on Day 4